The Commission Process at Studio AOAO

At Studio AOAO, each commissioned sculpture is the created by Alicja Strzyzynska & Onur Iseri. Every piece is distinctive, tailor-made, and one of a kind.

Each Studio AOAO sculpture stands out, embodying the unique personality and artisanal skill of the artist who brought it to life. We honor and appreciate these unique traits, viewing them not as imperfections, but as the tangible evidence of the human involvement in their crafting.

Custom-made pieces are exclusively tailored to your preferences and will never be reproduced.

In this guide, we will lead you through the process of commissioning an original piece from Studio AOAO.

Stage 1_ Inspiration

Frequently, we hear our clients express a desire for a specific piece with the phrase, “I want this one.” Our typical response encourages creativity, “Let’s craft something inspired by it.” Our goal is to design custom pieces that cater to your needs and blend seamlessly with your space. Whether it’s an artwork for daily enjoyment in your residence or an unconventional endeavor such as a colossal lamp or a dining table, we’re equipped and eager to materialize your vision.

Stage 2_ The Brief

Think of this phase as a distillation of your vision. We employ a document to capture all the crucial aspects of what you seek in the custom piece. This aids us in gaining a deeper understanding of your vision, thereby guaranteeing an optimal result for your unique artwork.

Stage 3_ Quotation

At this stage, we will provide you with a quotation for the artwork you envision.

Stage 4_ Sketching

Upon finalizing the brief, we will start with an initial, freeform sketch. This serves as the springboard for your artwork, facilitating creative flexibility throughout the making process. While the ultimate piece may undergo transformations during its creation, the preliminary sketch typically bears a close likeness to the end result.

Stage 5_Progress

Depending on the nature of the project, we might offer snapshots of the work in progress, providing you with a sneak peek into the development of your commissioned piece.

Stage 6_ Completion

Upon completion, your artwork is named, photographed, and catalogued. Even though it departs our studio, it forever remains a cherished part of the Studio AOAO family.

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