Disturbed Narratives is a collection characterized by anthropomorphic emotional design, delving into the realm where products manifest feelings. It aims to provide a visual representation of the mental health challenges that approximately 10% of people face daily. The collection features furniture and lighting that respond to their surroundings in a way that echoes the struggle of psychological conditions.

The designs are intended to diminish the stigma and discrimination followed by lack of comprehensive knowlegde. It encourages understanding and dialogue about mental health by seamlessly integrating into everyday spaces. Positioned within a home, each piece serves as an ‘elephant in the room’, a deliberate design choice that invites deeper, more personal conversations among guests, shifting away from small talk. The collection serves as a subtle catalyst for awareness and connection, hoping to bridge the gap in perceptions of mental wellness.

By highlighting individual symptoms, we aim to illustrate the complexities of mental illnesses and the difficulties in diagnosing them. It’s important to note that a single symptom does not allow for a complete diagnosis. A proper diagnosis requires a pattern of multiple symptoms that significantly impact an individual’s daily functioning and hinder social and professional life, and this must be determined by a qualified medical professional.

Symptoms are the ‘surface content’, predominantly encompassing observable behaviors and responses to external or internal stimuli. A single symptom may be indicative of a variety of disorders. Crucial to the diagnostic process is the analysis of these behaviors—the ‘core content’—which delves into the underlying issues and patterns that inform the outward symptoms.

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