Infinite lamp

The Infinite Lamp is initially cast in plaster and then carved by hand and sealed with matt varnish. The inner part of the artwork is illuminated by two hidden, dimmable LED lights. The lamp is a part of a Living Forms limited collection of unique & handmade sculptural lamps.

The presented objects are an attempt at a dialogue between the essence of fine art and the functionality of design, to create intimate objects which stimulate emotions. That brings humans closer to the connection with their primal nature and to their well-being.  The project’s main objective is to produce illumination which assists in helping with anxiety and depression through mindfulness practice. The lamps are made for calming, bringing inner peace by concentrating on them.

The forms of the lamps are the result of the intuitive approach of modernist philosopher Henri Bergson. In his methodology, intuition is a product of our organism and, thus, of nature, contributing to the primal human senses being understood. Built pieces are made of organic, abstract shapes that seem recognizable even though they have never been seen before. Their form and materials engage with the senses on a primal level.

The collection is made of pigmented plaster while experimenting with traditional carving techniques to create distinct finishes. Using this method, I was able to create textures similar to natural patterns, which are diverse and unpredictable.




26″ x 27″ x 10″


Hazelnut (tone on tone effect)


8 weeks


April 06–08

$4,900 + 
$200 Shipping

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